Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Poem contributed by Sukarma Rani Thareja - India - Dada Centennial

Woman Empowerment-Salute to DADA Artist
Where are you--- Woman?
Shouted a man-----
Came a voice soft —man!
Searching for me---man!
I suppose  you are included in me---man!
Give me a smile—man!
To you, I will give, my heart---man!
Give me your sperms ---man!
 To you, I will give, wonderful baby—man!
Give me good groceries---man!
To you ,I will give---delicious meal---man!
Give me your house---man!
To you ,I will give---peaceful home---man!
Give me Happily---anything---man!
To you,I will give,---multiplied and enlarged thing –man!
How much priceless am I ?----man!
With coins---I am not to be compared —man!
Attitude positive I always keep ---man!
Creating wonders in your life, is my belief —man!
If you annoy  and give me crab---man!
Be ready for shit fire back,from me-man
Still Foolish people may ask –man!
Is woman superior to man,
Shown above is simple maths - man!
Simple truth prevails–man!
Yes!may  woman, not be equal to man,
But certainly woman,
 Is superior to man.
Has been superior to---man!
Let us salute wonderful -woman-man!
As she deserves everying as man,
As in many aspects –man!
Woman is far superior to man.
Let us pay our respect  to woman –man!
And  give her due--- man!
Let us empower woman-man!
That will be true salute to DADA-Man!
Sukarma Rani Thareja