Saturday, June 11, 2016

OM.2016.046 - Gary Bibb - USA

OM.2016.046 - Gary Bibb - USA - 2016 - for the FluxMuseum - found objects - 10x8 inches

OM.2016.045 - Gary Bibb - USA

OM.2016.045 - Gary Bibb - USA - Black Strap - 2011 - 
found object construction - 11x6.5x2.5 inches

The artist's creative process is more than an intellectual puzzle or an emotional exercise; it is an expression of the soul whereby the rational, emotional and spiritual components of our being work in concert, each playing an integral role.

Confronted with uncertainty and disorder, we strive to resolve these conflicts. Therefore, an artist develops a compulsion to complete the task of selecting, signifying and organizing the various pictorial elements until a personal sense of balance, harmony and purpose is achieved.

When we are immersed in this process, working toward the resolution, a disclosure, an unfolding, a mysterious revelation of the "inner man" occurs. Our complex system of conscious and subconscious awareness is activated and engaged, enabling us to draw upon our aggregate identity along with the sum of our experiences. In this manner the whole of our being becomes involved in the problem-solving challenge.

Building upon the foundations laid by twentieth century Surrealists, Abstract Expressionists, Color Field and Geometric Abstractionists, along with the infusion of some twenty-first century Casualist sensibilities,I have developed a visual vocabulary integrating and contemporizing these concepts. Therefore, I consider myself to be an Integrative Visualist.